13 November 2008

More Than A Century, But Always Fresh On The Inside...

Salam and greeting

"Fresh fish!! Fresh squids!! Fresh prawns!! Fresh cockles!! All fresh from Port Weld..." yelled the fishmongers.

"Fresh fruits... bananas, watermelon, papaya.. All cheap and fresh.." sounded the fruits seller in the background.

It is always noisy and loud and may irritate to some. But whatever it is, this is the morning market symphony. Happens everyday, every morning without fail since more than a century ago.

Well, this symphony welcomes you at the Taiping Central Market. Established more than a century ago, the market consist of two huge building. The first building was built in 1884, stretches from the Main Road to the Kota Road. While the second building was opened in 1885, stretching from the Kota Road from one end to the Theatre Road at the other end.

These building were designed by architects of the then Public Work Office. These buildings might be the largest non-indigenous historical timber with iron-cast structure in the country and also a best preserved example of a major 19th century market that stand strong till today.

And since opened for businesses, the market is always crowded with people, buying their fresh supplies of food.

Eventhought it is more than a century on the outside, it is always fresh on the inside...


Jean said...

I heard there is a restructure plan for this century building, I afraid this building is no longer there in future... I'm from Taiping too, a place I loved.

Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Hi Jean,
We've heard about that restructuring plan of Taiping town. We're sure that the municipal would not dare to thorn down this beautiful building because we heard that the town folk are not keen of having the new pln being implemented. Let's keep over fingers crosses... :D