10 November 2008

Let's Spend A Night There, Shall We...

Salam and greeting.

It was a tiring journey for these two Englishmen. Dressed in their smartest Victorian attire, they came all the way from Penang to settle some issues with the mining Towkays here.

"It going to be a far journey back to Penang my friend, and its already quarter to four. Let's spend a night here in Taiping, shall we?" quoted one of the gentlemen.

"Let's go to the Rest House then. We can have a cup of tea and ease the day off. We shall take the morning train back to Penang then since the railway station is just around the corner." suggest the other gentlemen to his dear friend.

Well, that might occurred in mid of 1894 where there were no highways, no commercial flights and Taiping started to bloom in becoming Perak administrative centre. Traveling was really a hassle even between Taiping and Penang which is considered near by today's traveling standard.
Luckily, there is this Rest House, built to provide services to those who tend to spend their night here in Taiping. Established in 1894, the Rest House is located at the Station Road, in front of King Edward VII (1) Primary School.

Still maintaining its original structure and rooms, the Rest House are always fully occupied with visitors when opened. In its early years, the Rest House would be occupied by British Officers who came to Taiping for business or leisure visits. The Malay royalties and some rich Towkays may at times spend their nights here, maybe to try out a different experience all together.

Currently, the Rest House is being closed for the process of management changes and major renovation. Luckily for the two British gentlemen, the Rest House in their time was just opened.

When the renovation works are done, let's spend a night there, shall we?


Mr Peraduan said...

lol.. i used to eat beef steak at the resthouse around 90's..

Tun Teja said...

keindahan bgnan bersejarah nie dah musnah dah pun...dek kerana vandalisme dan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab sesetengah pihak