19 September 2011

Attention!!! Goooaallllll!!!

Salam and greeting.

Circa 1890
Squaaaad... Attention!!!
Eyeesss... Right!!!
Squaaaad... Eyeesss... Front!!!
Salute to the Front... Salute.

The Commandant was at the top of his voice, giving clear and distinctly pronounced instructions. The troops under his arm listened up carefully on what are their next cause of action to be taken.

Well, that was the voice of the infamous Colonel Robert S.F. Walker, the Commandant of the Police and Military Forces. The venue was the Esplanade, an open ground that was established by him to discipline his troops with intensive marching parade exercise.

The troop of the Perak Armed Police were consisting mostly of Sikhs and Pathans recruits obeyed at each of the drill command coming out from their influential Commandant.They were the forces upholding the peace in the early establishment of Taiping when there was tensioned between the clans of Ghee Hin and Hai San.

Present Time

The man in black was seen blowing high note from his whistle. The sudden sound made the battle between the two clans halted. One of the red clan members was seen making an offensive gesture towards the members of the blue clans.

The round object that were becoming the reason of this battle is being given by the man in black to the blue clan members. The red clans did not object to this just action, for having a fair battle to be fought by them. And with a magnificent kick given by the one of the blue clans member, the round object flies fast enough to penetrate the defender of the red clans restricted territory.

And there was a unison yelled in the background...

The blue clan member who took the kick scored against the red clan in the soccer match in one of Taiping League games. It was not a bloody battle indeed but a game of soccer. The supporters were happy witnessing their favorite team scored.

Well, this is the Esplanade Field in two scenarios at a different time space. The open ground that was used as for marching parade training is at present Taiping very own 'square' consisting of soccer, hockey and rugby fields.

Having the near background of Jelutong Hill and the far background of Maxwell Hills, the open ground fronting the army camps are full of activities if the town need a venue for parade or sporting events. It will not disappoint the locals due the vast open ground available.

However today, the scenery of the marching parade of the army or the police can only be seen on a rare occasion. This may be during Merdeka Day celebration where it will involved others government and private agencies, schools and clubs parading through Taiping town for a joyous celebration.

A normal view would say the Esplanade is only a field, but it do have its part in Taiping history, from past, present and maybe in the future.