21 November 2008

Rain Rain Go Away, Come... On The Other Hand, Hold A Second...

Let's sing together now...

Rain rain, go away
Come again another day
Rain rain go away
We want to go outside and play today...

Salam and greeting.

Everyone should remember this rhyme. We sang it during kindergarten. But beware, when dark clouds are invading the Taiping skies.. don't you ever dare to sing this song, especially if you are at the market building at Kota Road. Somebody's luck is depending on the presence of this dark rain clouds.

Well, Taiping are known as the wettest and the rainiest town in Malaysia. Thus, it has created one of a kind betting games. Put away your cards, roulette or dice... you don't need them here.

Just look at the sky and bet what time does the rain going to fall. Sounds funny? Think again if the bet involve from 10 Ringgit upto thousands of Ringgit.

According to one of the punters, the betting game have been played since 1950s. What they do is to bet among the players, the time the rain start to fall.

For everybody's information, their definition of rain fall is "When the water drops from sky hitting the roof a building and then flow continuosly on to the ground."

They don't depend on the weather reports telecast but purely on personal experience. Most of them have their own way of prediction, some by just hearing the sounds of thunder, looking at the clouds formation, feeling the flow of wind directions and sometimes just purely their guts.

So, when the dark rain clouds are hovering on Taiping skies and you see some crowds at the market area, don't wish the rain to go away yet. Someone's luck is depending on it, eventhought betting is not a good habit...


Luqman Aziz said...

Hi...i from Taiping too..im interested to all your posting about Taiping...pls keep on posting..i'll follow this blog..;)

Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Hi Luqman,
Thanks for your support. And your blogs also cool, will make links to it. I don't know that Taiping has a well known photographer. :D
Thanks again.

Jotaro Zen said...

Actually there is an accurate way where the time of the rain is declared officially started.
See my blog
There in I mentioned about betting on the rain.