06 September 2008

Anybody Need Some Luxury In The Afterlife??

Salam and Greeting.

He makes executive Mercedes that comes with a driver. If one doesn’t like modern transportation, he provides alternatives such as horses. And not only that, he can even ‘built’ houses especially big bungalows as big as you can pay.

Wondering who is this car-maker cum constructor? Well, don’t be amazed. The one we are referring to is Mr. Chan. He is one of the surviving craftsmen who are in the field of making Taoist prayers items for the afterlife.

According to him, the business was started by his late grandfather many years back. And now he is continuing this dying art form for living.

In making such items, he normally used bamboos, printed papers and glue. He even imported some of the printed paper from China and Thailand to make the product lively. And with a bit of creativity, all will be transformed into bungalows, car, horses etc.

According to Mr. Chan, during its heydays, his father and his late grandfather would not only take orders from customers, they also entered related competitions organized and did won some prices. For him, this dying form of art is still important to the Chinese community when they need it for Chinese funerals. And luckily enough for those who require this service, these skills of making such items are now being inherited to his son…


to ang said...

He's the one who create dashi ye for Bukit Mertajam every year right? The tallest in Malaysia

Taiping Heritage Cult said...

I'm not sure about that. But we are he does have the capabilities to do it.

Dilip said...

The images in your blog are fantastic. With the black background they look really wonderful.