27 August 2008

Serenity and calmness in the Middle of the Town...

Salam and Greeting.

Let’s go back to some where around 1897. You were at the market building buying some household needs. It is already passed noon. And from afar you heard the Azan, announcing and calling all Muslims for prayers. Muslims from all sorts of life stop their activities and make their way to the mosque to answer this call for prayers.

Well, that scenario can still be found in some village but it is no more at the Old Kota Mosque of Taiping.

This Moorish influenced design mosque was built in 1897 and is located at one of the busiest crossroad connecting Kota Road and Main Road. It was one of the first mosque in the Federated States in Malaysia and was the main Taiping mosque before the India Mosque and the new mosque was built. It also houses a cemetery compound where some of the tombstones dated as far as the year when the mosque was opened.

Surprisingly when we entered the mosque compound, it seems like we were going to a totally different world of serenity and calmness although the always busy Kota Road and Main Road is just at the corner.

Well, calmness and serenity can be a very subjective thing or place indeed. And here in Taiping, serenity and calmness can be found in the middle of the town...


Josef Roy said...

Hi..im a Malaysian writing from London doing some research on the Port Weld -Taiping line. Do you know how I can find out who the station master was in 1894 at Port Weld and Taiping ? Thanks

My email is josefroy2@yahoo.co.uk

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