08 September 2008

Under the Shades of The Great Trees

Salam and Greeting.

By now it is not a secret anymore that the Rain trees in Taiping Lake Gardens really respect its visitors. They bow to you thus creating natural arches, hailing as one pass by.

Well, lets look at this scenario from a different angle. Anybody looked up while passing under these trees' arches??

We did. And here are the moments under the shades of the great trees...


mawarpagi said...

Under the shades of the trees are freedom to breathe, to feel peace, to recall beautiful memories, to strengthen bonds and so much more that will never end.

I am not from Taiping but recently, on December 9th, 2008, my family and I went for visit to Taiping, especially the Lake Garden. We went there for some relaxation and simply enjoying the beauty of the lush green environment. We had a picnic under one of the big trees across the road opposite the Taiping Zoo entrance. It has always been my family's favorite 'escape' to be there and its peaceful surrounding has never failed to amazed me and everybody that set their eyes on this charming land. For this particular beauty I will never hesitate to call others to witness and love Taiping and everything that it holds - the town, the people, the lake, everything.

As Malaysian, I am proud to be a nation who is gifted with our own wonderful nature and I am able to appreciate them.

Cece Taveira said...

Taiping Lakes... What can I say. Just beautiful. I was born in Taiping and spent many hours at the Lakes. My Mother was a teacher in the Convent and when she attended service on Sundays in the church next door she would hire a trishaw to take my brother and myself out, and he always took us around Taiping Lakes. It was a beautiful ride and I always admired the colours of the kingfisher birds that abounded in those Lakes. Many rides in old cardboard books too, as we slid down the steeper banks. All that took place around 1947 onwards. I believe my parents during their courtship, spent my hours there as well. Cycling was the in thing around the Lakes. I never fail to visit the lakes everytime I'm in Malaysia. May they last forever, and give others the pleasures I've enjoyed all those years ago.