17 July 2008

Taiping Lake Gardens Where The Trees Bow To You...

Salam and Greetings.

Visits to Taiping would be really a waste if you missed its Lake Gardens. People would then say “Hei...My town has its own parks and lake gardens which is beautiful enough to visit, so why and what is so good about the Lake Gardens in Taiping that will be missed??”

To begin with, the Taiping Lake Gardens is the first public park or lake gardens in Malaysia. It was established since 1880 by Colonel E.S.F Walker. He noticed that there were lots of deserted mining ponds around the old Taiping and something should be done to improve it. From there, he has turned the pond and its surrounding area into such a wonderful landscape that we have till today.

Second to the first, apart from the lakes and the gardens, the famous Taiping Zoo is also housed at one corner in Taiping Lake Gardens. One thing about this zoo is that it is one of the only zoos in Malaysia that is and will be run by a government agency in the name of Majlis Perbandaran Taiping (Taiping Municipality). However, you may be surprised with its beautiful atmosphere and the numbers of animals inside it.

However, what we would like to highlight here is about the most unique thing that is available in Taiping Lake Gardens. You must not missed the overgrown Raintree (Samanea Saman) at one stretch of a road that surrounds the Lake Gardens. Not only the trees are humongous, its branches are making arches from one side of the road to the other side up to the tip of the lake.

What we can tell you is that in the Taiping Lake Gardens, even the trees bow to you...


lala said...

Oh my goodness, I love those trees. Those are absolutely beautiful.

I so love a beautiful tree-lined road.


Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Do come to Taiping and also TaipingHeritageCult again. There are lots more coming.