15 July 2008

Boat Ride at Kuala Sepetang...

Salam and Greetings.

Boat ride at Kuala Sepetang?? We’ve thought you’ll ask that. Well, there is such thing going to happen and we will let you know when and where.

However, firstly let us start with a bit of what and where Kuala Sepetang is and what may interest you to go there. Kuala Sepetang or Port Weld is an adjacent small town located about 13km west of Taiping. If one to study Malaysia’a history, this small town was in the lime light when it housed one of the railway stations for Malaysia’s first railway track between Taiping and Port Weld way back in 1885 (yet again, another one of Malaysia’s first institution available in Taiping) .

Most of the residents here work as fisherman or some how or another involve in the fisheries industry. So you won’t be a surprised to see and smell something fishy here.

Well known for it well managed mangrove reserves (we will blog about it once we capture some pictures), it also offers some interesting scenery and things that makes you wonder how nature’s ability to adapt to its surrounding changes.

We have gone for a boat ride tour and here what have been installed for you to enjoy…

If these pictures excite you and you would like to experience the real tour, we have got to know that the operators will make the service available hourly on weekends starting 2nd of August 2008 with affordable price. Do contact us if you need any details.


Abuzar said...

pasai apa tarak muka Zul jangs pun..at least letak la muka dia sebagai trademark port weld..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Can you kindly share the boat operator contact number? I plan to go this Raya Haji. Not sure whether they are operating or not. Thank you.