14 July 2008

Bukit Larut (The Maxwell Hills)

Salam and Greetings.

Well known enough for all who wanted to visit Taiping is Bukit Larut or formerly known as Maxwell Hills. If one would like to find information about Malaysia’s highlands or hills resort, Bukit Larut will be in the list along with Cameron Highlands, Bukit Fraser or Genting Highlands. Well, it can be said that it is the trademark of Taiping.

Bukit Larut was found in 1884 by Mr. William Edward Maxwell, the then British Assistant Resident of Perak. Back then, Mr. Maxwell was looking for suitable high grounds that can be used as rehabilitation and relax resorts and being reserved for senior officers and also the wives of officials and other high placed gentlemen. He has found it here in the Bintang range.

Being one of Malaysia’s first instituition available in Taiping, Bukit Larut still stands tall as the oldest hill station in Malaysia. Compared with others hill stations or resorts, Bukit Larut is not crowded and its tranquility, calmness and coolness are still there to be experienced.

The unique things in Bukit Larut that await its visitors are:
  • The roller-coaster ride in the form of Land Rover jeep. (Can be said one of its kind in the world)
  • The calmness, coolness and tranquility of tropical rain forest jungle.
  • Small cascading waterfalls all the way up the hills.
  • What was felt by Mr. Maxwell when he established this hill station. (There are not much development around it)
And as usual, we leave you with these pictures to relax with…

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qasih said...

so sweet...bukit larut.i ever overnight there with my family...i dot noe where the pictures..hehehe
anyway....come n visit sabah...
it wouldn't disappointed u all...
contact me if need..