05 August 2008

The Boat Tour in Port Weld Has Started...

Salam And Greeting.

The boat tour in Port Weld has started. It was a bit slow but we do believe some how people just need more time to know and excited about it.

We have mentioned about it in Boat Ride at Kuala Sepetang and Here is the Boat Ride. So, here we want to put some details on what is being covered during each boat tour.

For a start, you need to go to the Forest Department Jetty at the Matang Mangrove Reserve. If you are coming from Taiping or Simpang, just follow the road heading towards Kuala Sepetang or Port Weld. The entrance road to the jetty is just before the Kuala Sepetang town where it is inside the Forestry Deparment Complex.

The boat tour operates from 10AM to 5PM and currently on weekends only. Each tour ride will spend about an hour time. During the tour, visitors will cruise through these following places:

The Fishermen's Village

The Fish Rearing Encagement

The Virgin Jungle Reserve

The Charcoal Factory

For all the places mentioned and the fun and experinece on the boat tour will cost you RM15 for adults and RM10 for children, where minimum per trip must consist of at least 4 adults or RM60.

And here we present to you the first part of the tour to enjoy...

If you are interested or need additional information, do call Mr Wan at 016-5084708 or 012-3912916 or send your inquiries by email to taipingheritagecult@gmail.com

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