08 August 2008

Fishermen's Village at Kuala Sepetang...

Salam and Greeting.

Other than being part of Malaysia's history mentioned at All Aboard!! The First Train In Malaysia Had Departed Here..., Kuala Sepetang is a town with lots of fishing villages. And because of that, most of its residents are involved direct or indirectly in fisheries related activities.

If you passed Kuala Sepetang town from its landed side, the fisheries related activities exist seems to be invisible. Thus, with the boat tour you will be given an opportunity to see the other side of Kuala Sepetang. You might be surprised on how busy these residents can be in their day to day fisheries activities.

And here, we present to you the Boat Tour Part II: The Fishermen's Village at Kuala Sepetang...

If you are interested or need additional information, do call Mr Wan at 016-5084708 or 012-3912916 or send your inquiries by email to taipingheritagecult@gmail.com

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