21 June 2010

The Way It Was Rowed

Salam and greeting.

Ever wonder how it's like to cruise through one of Malaysia's unique environment? Furthermore, what if your mode of transport is a kayak and powered only by your own strength and gut. Well, that was how traditionally people travelled here in Kuala Sepetang in the earlier days.

But they didn't use the kayak though. Those days, people used wooden sampan as their main mode of transport at this part of the world. Be it for travel or making their ends meet, the sampan used were really important to them. Use to be paddled through the narrow and wide riverine branches here in the mangroves of Kuala Sepetang, it has thrive the thick jungle once in becoming quite a busy fisherman's village. The sampan then evolves to bigger tongkang. And with the industrial revolution effects, both are taken over by steam-powered boat and later replaced by fossil-powered engines. The sampan or any other paddling mode of transport is a rare opportunity to be seen now.

Thus, in reviving the experience of Kuala Sepetang early days, Taiping Heritage Cult together with GeoMASS of MARA University of Technology Shah Alam have organized a kayak tour recently. Started off with a basic class on kayaking, the participants then proceed to a warm-up session before paddling through the waters of the mangroves.

The four hours energetic but exciting tour flows through the traditional fishermen's villages, the Virgin Jungle Reserves Island, the charcoal factory complex and a stopover at one of the fish encagement.

At the end of the tour, even though it was hectic compared to the boat tour, the satisfaction of being near with the natural surrounding is an unforgettable experience.

If you are interested to experience the kayak tour, do call Mr Wan at 012-3912916 or send your inquiries by email to taipingheritagecult@gmail.com


Syazwani (NUS, S'pore) said...

Hi I'm a student representative from the National University of Singapore and I would like to ask whether we could use some of the old photos of taiping you posted in your post on 23 July 2008. We are currently doing a publication on Taiping with the students from the University of Malaya and your photos would really help us a lot in creating a clearer idea of the history of Taiping. We will of course credit you for the photos. Thank you.


Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Hi Syazwani.
I did heard about the research conducted by NUS and UM recently in Taiping for the publication. Hopefully you guys found what you need in Taiping.
And for the photos, yes you may use any of them for the benefits of the publication.

Syazwani (NUS, S'pore) said...

Thank you so much! We really appreciate your help!


Roger said...

A great way to explore the mangrove swamps.

Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Hi Roger,

Agreed with you. However it also shows clearly the negativity impact of human activities toward nature.