06 October 2009

Thirst Quincher Or Is It Dessert? But It Is Surely...

Salam and Greeting.

It has been a while that we have not update this blog. Well, we have been in some frustrating situation and being a bit busy in reviving ourself in promoting Taiping to all who have interest. And with a new spirit and encouragement from our blog visitors, and friends we are back and hopefully we could provide more information for our beloved town Taiping.

Let us start with a story of a cool, delicious, mouth-watering thirst quincher or dessert that is famously known in Taiping.

Although known as the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia, there are days when the sun really shines on Taiping grounds.When these days come, people will flock to some of the stalls that are located along the Barrack Road looking for a quick 'remedy' for their thirst. These stalls can sometimes be a bit crowded when it is really hot here in Taiping.

Well, this 'remedy' is not a magical portion what so ever, but it is the Cendol. One of the popular stall that sells Cendol would be the Bismillah Cendol stall, located just behind the St. George's Secondary School at the Barrack Road. As far as we can remember, the stall has been in operation for quite a long time. It was originally located next to Bismillah Restaurant, thus that's why the stall is named Bismillah Cendol.

The main incredient, the Cendol is green noodle-like pasture that are made from flour mixed with pandan leaves substance. It is locally produced here in Taiping. This Cendol will be cooked with santan (coconut's milk) to become rich tasty mixture. When orders are being made, the Cendol man will first shaved some ice blocks into snow-like texture and put it into a bowl. He will then pour in the Cendol mixture, add in some gula melaka (palm sugar syrup), additional pulut (glutinous rice) and kacang merah (red beans).. and the cendol is served.

And as the title says, with these mixture of rich tasty incredient, its a thirst quincher or is it a dessert? While you decide, we are off to this stall to quinch... oopps... have this dessert...

Whatever it is... it is definitely Cendol.

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