08 July 2008

Selamat Datang and Welcome...

Salam and Greeting to all.

First and foremost, welcome to our humble web blog. It is created to share to the world what such a magnificent town Taiping is and it offers to the world, in terms of places to visits and things to do.

To start of with, let’s get to know what and where is Taiping. Located in the state of Perak in Malaysia, Taiping is the second largest town next to Ipoh. With a distance of about 75km to the south of Penang and 55km north of Ipoh, Taiping was a historical tin-mine town during its heydays.

Formerly known as Klian Pauh, it was found and established by the first Larut Chieftain, Long Jaafar. He had opened several tin mines area around Taiping and brought in Chinese migrant from mainland of China. Long Jaafar was then succeeded by his son Ngah Ibrahim which was known as the Menteri of Larut. He was believed to be the first so called Malay billionaire in Malaysia.

Since its establishment, Taiping has become the administrative center for the Perak state (through out the years), the British (during the colonial era), Federated Malay States (pre-independence of Malaysia) and Japan (during the Japanese Occupation WWII). Taiping had survived the three Larut wars, World War I and World War II and still stand tall as one of Malaysia’s heritage site not to be missed.

However, since few years back it seems like the lime light are being taken away from Taiping thus many interesting facts and places that are not only special in the hearts of Taipingites are left to be forgotten. Hence, this web blog will try to revive it all.

Do visit us from time to time. Who knows what we offer here might trigger some of your thoughts and gave solutions to questions like…

“Ahh… I know that there are such things in Taiping but don’t know how to go about…”

“I’ve been to Maxwell Hills, but nothing interesting…or am I wrong to say that??”

“Is there anything else that will interests me to visit Taiping other than its best managed zoo and lake gardens??”

Constructive comments are highly appreciated.


Hisham said...

Hi there,

Congratulations and keep up the good work...

Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Thanks Hisham. Do come again for more.

Admin said...

Interesting information, nice pics. I enjoy it. thanx.

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