21 July 2008

Baking In Brick...

Salam And Greeting.

We are sure that you have tried or see somebody bake before. It doesn't matter whether they are cakes, breads or biscuits, if its baking you'll need an electrical oven to do it. Have you ever wonder how baking was like when there was no electricity?

Well, we are not turning this blog into another cooking blog but we would like to share with you about this traditional bakery in Simpang (5km from Taiping). We have met and chat with one of the owner's sons, Mr. Zulhisham about their unique bakery.

According to him, the bakery was started by his grandfather way back in 1957. During that time, electricity supply was something rare and can be afforded by only a few. Because of that, his grandfather designed and helped in constructing this brick oven, which also consist mixed material of cement, brown sugar, eggs and some other stuffs that makes it stands strong and functioning till today.

Mr. Zul then continues about the baking process which is done daily. Starting from 8AM, the oven will be filled with sufficient amount of woods. These woods will be burnt to ashes. The ashes will then be swept out and the bread dough prepared earlier will be put into the oven to bake.

This first load (up to 20-25 trays) starts to be baked from 12PM and is done by using the heat left from the burnt woods. The heat enables the bakery to do 3 rounds of baking daily.

Among items that you can buy here at the bakery are bread loaves, buns and dried bread biscuits or biskut lutut (directly translated as knee biscuits).

If you are intrested, the bakery is at the road to Kuala Sepetang, about 500 meters from the traffic light junction, opposite the Muslims' cemetery.


ieyka said...

i'm a student of MMU cyberjaya in faculty of creative multimedia, and now in a final year. Doing a final year project(fyp) and the topic for my fyp was "A study on historical town of Taiping for tourist attraction". I was interested to do about the topic because i live there.

I have read ur blog and it is interesting because of u have a lot of information on Taiping.

So, right now im looking for a person that can be my reference that really know the history of the town. If that person can tell me maybe not so detail about the town but know the history of Taiping, i would much appreciate it.

I need the person that can be interview or if possible maybe we can share through email. My hometown was in Kamunting and I can go back in weekend if i want to.

p/s: emel me if u r interested.. cuppygal@gmail.com

Taiping Heritage Cult said...

Hi Ieyka,

I have respond to your query through email. Thanks for visiting.

Nandre The Legend said...

arwah bapak saya (1938-2010) selalu beli roti nie.. kami dok taman mawar. kalau dia balek market kat Matang, dia singgah sat kedai roti nie, beli roti inti nyioq (kelada). bikut lutut.. memang ada la...

the legend said...

saya ada pi kedai ni pada 7 Feb 2012, beli biskut lutut dan kuih tepung talam (RM 1.00 = 4 ketui)

biskut lutut 1 plastik = RM 5.00
nak beli roti nyioq dan ban manis, dia tak buat lagi, hari selasa baru dia buat.

kedai nie rileks ja, memang cool.

ida said...

Tak perasan pulak ada kedai jual biskut nie otw ke mee udang kuala sepetang tu...nti bole la singgah

tiger nandre said...

ya ida, kedai ni kedai lama... layan beb

Mohd said...

I need phone number, to ask the owner what time and what day the shop open

Mohd said...

I need phone number, to ask the owner what time and what day the shop open

muhamadsyafiq kamarudin said...

Assalamualaikum, nak tanya kedai buka ke esok hari?